Commercial & Industrial

Installations, Repairs & Servicing

We work on a huge range of commercial and industrial package air conditioning systems as well as offices, server rooms, or factory split system air conditioners.


We perform scheduled maintenance for our commercial & industrial customers in accordance with essential services expectations and lease agreements, at very reasonable rates.


We can also arrange scheduled maintenance  or repairs/installations of heating and cooling systems for shops, restaurants and public places such as schools, churches and gyms etc.

There is a massive range of "heat loads" in each venue, we will give you advice in regards to the kind of system you require to heat or cool your business premises.

We take into consideration the amount of people and the warmth they bring to a room, the height of the ceilings, the nature of stock, such as clothing which traps heat, or cooking appliances which exhaust heat into the rooms..

Contact us for an apointment to discuss your particular heating and cooling needs onsite.