Planning A Building Project?

Plan your Heating and Cooling Solutions Early

We very often come in at the end of a building project and the options for heating and cooling at that point can be very limited.


We work with architects & builders. If we can get involved early in the planning stage we can help to plan good heating and cooling solutions. Coming to a site visit early is important as we need to plan for our pipework and units to be located in areas where they will not be an eye-sore and where they will fit with plenty of access and ventialtion.

Getting this right from the start is a huge advantage, we can provide you advice with planning from our experience of over 20 years in this trade.

We point out things that may not otherwise be thought through, such as how large a system will need to be, where to locate the heavy air conditioner outdoor units to avoid load on walls, noise and vibration. These issues can affect the peacefulness in bedrooms or the even the neighbours. Also how to hide pipework and how to connect drainage lines that won’t work very well if they get kinked or run uphill...


All these issues we have had to work to resolve many times after the building project has been completed and we can atttest to the fact that it is much harder to rectify at that stage!